Support Services

1. Loan and credit schedule to member midwives for purpose of empower economical status and improving services by assisting in purchase of clinic equipments and medicine.

2.  PRINMAT has started sensitizing community women in Dar es Salaam to engage in small business hence PRINMAT provide loan to those women to empower them economically so that they can pay for health services.

3.  Assist very poor women with free reproductive services eg. Antenatal, delivery or pay in installments.

4.  Delivery price at PRINMAT maternity homes ranges between 3,000/= to 10,000/= for family at grass root communities to afford.

5.  Cordaid assisted PRINMAT clinics to reduce delivery price to women through delivery incentives.

6.  Educational workshops for both midwives and apprentices

7.  Peer review for midwives to facilitate mutual support and accountability

8.  Standards and Guidelines for the practice of midwifery

9. Speakers Bureau and Media Presentations

10. A quarterly newsletter

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